if you can dream it, we can build it


About Our Company

Custom Fabrication Incorporated commenced 1995 when we were created. We began the manufacture of advanced products that served the pharmaceutical, manufacture, simulation, the web, handle and later municipal manufacture. Our previous work created for the manufacture of products throughout North America.

CFI employ workers with tremendous years of experience. We also create with advanced works. This always creates for highly developed manufacture.

We also make for your requirements for the ultimate customization experience for our customers.

The products that we employ for manufacture are extensive. Our modern high bay weld utilize a dozen format works that make multiple products. We also manufacture high quantity products that we produce yearly.

Our expertise is more than manufacture or weld. Located with our fabrication is also powder coat services. At this location we employ highly advanced materials for whatever you may require.

We at CFI are here for the requirements. We always build the products. We always are your source.

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